1. Just Watch


With a dream and a smile and a dollar worth of hope
He set out to explore the world
This young boy taking on lions and tigers
About to slay these bears
With the stroke of a pen his journey would begin
Long ago, far away
Beyond the boundaries of a memory
He knew though that it would continue
On past the days of time
When all seemed lost
And the only hope was a fading dream
But to prove them wrong he carried on
He bore that cross no hope was lost
He continued on his quest
So that he could one day tell a tale of conquest
So he smiled and said…
Just watch

Contrary to the feelings he had
He knew that he had to find
A way in his heart for forgiveness
But the task was very daunting
He knew they needed him
Though they did not give him love
That he desired but he carried on
And dug deep for forgiveness
Disbelievers they all seem
To drown out dreams that walk on water
But if you part ways with falling stars
Life just ain’t worth living
So turn the volume up inside your head
Way past ten and wear a smile
Gleaming with bliss
Hold up your head
And tell them…

And in the end he begins the very place he started
Back to the front
And watch it unfold
Fight hard to hold to that rule of gold
To find his goal until days of old
These stories told are priceless sold
Those dreams so bold with dealings cold
Must break the mold not sell his soul
And then back to the front again
Believe in something
Keep feeding something
Against all odds
As it gets so hard
But no good ever came easy to no one
Fuck lotto, build your own dreams
Wade in those streams
Chant those chants
To the beat of your drum
Just dance your dance
Live your life and yell your song
They stand to the side while you keep dreaming on
Saying it ain’t gonna amount to nothing
But you lend a smile
A wink
Politely you turn and say..
Just watch…