1. So


I’m like the dawn in the morning cracking through the blinds
Embedded on the mind these thoughts I wrought
Caught on paper from ink I dab like my Dad sacrificed his genes
Genetically, phonetically I bring
From the soul butterflies and feelings of summertime
I'm gonna rhyme about whatever, baby
Like my daughter, my love, my goal, everlasting flow/ That h2o
The Aquarian herbivorous
I'm giving this one time like old days - good
Overcoming negatives, as all man should
No more hot steal to flesh
I'm gonna guess temporary insanity
Abandon the thinking of mentally sinking
Into the abyss/ Question this rhetoric
Mentally anorexic, non-nutritional
Give ‘em all food for the brain, shelter from the rain
Pouring down hard/ Not hardly the oddly viewed
Opinions are skewed from the natural
Tactical deception of inherent right and wrong
You see I put it to a song and help to correct
Help to detect negatives, sedatives to sedate animosity
Possibly I hold the cure
‘Cause I shine pure since the metamorphous
The choice it gets clearer, nearer to the end watch me amend
And kinda try to follow the flow of this lyrical aboriginal
‘Cause it’s critical for you to comprehend
These phrases when I blend made audible
It’s a freestyle so it’s affordable
Sorta metaphoric watch how I pour deep through the veins
Curing all the pains of women and men
So I'm sure to end
Harmful state existence
No matter how persistent
Make it crumble like Rome
Divided conquered and moved on
And up and out
Show you what I'm talking about
Rested for 3 days, came back they were amazed
Bare witness to the lessons and the blessings
Know that God is the catalyst so I’m now confessing
When praises are due
I present the true, the real so you can touch what I feel
Solid in form from a plus this was born
Pieces picked up, rebuilt and moved on
Step to the new dawn like to a new day to bring about a new way
With the aural array
These type of things aren’t said everyday
And if they were we should still say them anyway
‘Cause nothings guaranteed
So we sow this seed
So the soul we feed
And now we shall proceed

I’m from the home of the g-string booty shakers
The Sunshine bass’ll make the glass break
‘ll make the ass shake with the quad sound
Drop your car low with the top down
Three hundred and five decibels on the avenue
My contribution to this rap game may not be grabbing you
But I lived this life and I live these words
Representin’ for the world
Ghetto streets to the suburbs
With a voice you never heard
With the most choice of words
I choose these verbs
To fit with the nouns the way the beat pounds
For a more complete sound
Now how Lee sound?
We found something new to inspire
So it’ll light a fire
Hope it take you higher
Than you’ve ever known
So your mind’s blown
And now you seek the truth
From what I did in the booth
And these words that I pressed through the microphone mesh
Said each one to reach one like it was my last breath
To end Black death
And so it sound so fresh
I may not be the best
But I got a tight flow
Try to say it ain’t so